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Amixon GmbH Mixing Technology

Very gentle and best mixing quality for dry, moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels

The spiral mixing blade of the vertical mixer initiates a three-dimensional rearrangement of the mixing goods. This vertical mixer guarantees best mixing results. It can be used for dry powder, wet suspensions as well as liquids, paste and dough.

The vertical mixer can be designed for compliance with FDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards to be used as a sterile mixer and reactor which also meets EHEDG requirements.

Further characteristics of the vertical mixer

- The clockwise driven spiral tools initiate a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods creating a spiral upward movement on the peripheries and downward flow in the center combined with horizontal cross flows.
- Vertical mixers can be used if a combination of heavy duty and very gentle mixing tasks have to be done subsequently.
- It can be used as powder blender for dry powder, wet suspensions as well as liquids, paste and dough.
- If the mixing process requires deagglomeration, high speed cutting rotors may be mounted.
- For dry, moist and viscous materials. Technical ideal mixing qualities can be guaranteed independent of filling level (10 to 100 % of the net volume), rpm-value of the mixing tools and characteristics of the mixing goods (for example: different bulk densities, particle sizes, flow abilities)
- Each vertical mixing device is driven from the top, using only a single top bearing.
- The twin shaft mixer meets all industry standards for surface finish, including sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements.

Powder mixers, precision mixers, mixers for dry materials, batch mixers, hygienic mixers, mixing, powder mixing, powder processing

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Amixon GmbH Mixing Technology

Trendsætter i produktionen og udviklingen af procesudstyr
amixon® er en trendsætter i produktionen og udviklingen af procesudstyr for industrien.

Særlig vægt er lagt på fremstillingen af et sterilt apparat, som lever op til høje og de højeste hygiejnekrav. I denne sammenhæng har vi udviklet nye blandeværker og metoder til resttømningen.

Vi fabrikerer bl.a. pulverblendere, vakuum-tørrere og reaktorer. Med vedvarende forskning og innovation har amixon® i de sidste år markant forbedret produktiviteten og hygiejnestandarderne af procesudstyr.

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