4 reasons to upgrade your Kjeldahl analyser

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6. oktober 2022 | FOSS

Building on the latest advances in analytical technology, the Kjeltec 9 takes Kjeldahl analysis to new levels of safety and efficiency, offering significant gains for any laboratory. But why upgrade if your old Kjeldahl analyser is working just fine?

While the Kjeldahl method remains the backbone of any laboratory, the business landscape for laboratories today is ever-changing. Turnaround time, throughput and safety are as critical as ever, but the increasing need to document and secure transparent results is changing the way we work in the laboratory.

Analysis results need to be registered and backed up, including additional data concerning when and how tests are conducted. Globalisation and consumer trends such as plant-based meat and dairy products are causing an increased volume of tests and a larger variety of matrices, putting pressure on laboratories to keep track of increasingly complex test results.

Above all, a common drive to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain has created a sense of urgency for all players in the laboratory industry to find new ways to rationalise the use of chemical analysis and make it as sustainable as possible. So, how do we rise to the challenge and secure a better flow in the laboratory?

Innovation offers the logical path ahead. Kjeltec™ 9 enables fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results.

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